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If you are between jobs and are expecting to start a new one very soon that offers benefits, or are an early retiree who does not yet qualify for Medicare, Short Term Health Insurance is something you should consider.  Before these other medical benefits kick in short term medical coverage can protect you in the event of an unexpected illness or injury. Short-term medical plans are very cost effective, and the plans we offer allow you to choose your doctors and hospitals and pay 100% of covered expenses once your deductible and coinsurance amounts have been met.

Short Term Medical Insurance is basically “Major Medical” or Catastrophic Insurance. In other words it is not designed to pay for regular doctors visits but rather protect you from devastating financial losses in the event of hospital, surgical and other expenses incurred as a result of medically necessary care for a covered illness or injury. Subject of course, to any deductibles or rate of payment provisions set forth in the policy.

Our Temporary or Short Term Health Insurance is Available for 30-185 days and is:
Ideal for people who are between jobs, waiting for employer group coverage, recent college graduates or anyone else who is experiencing a gap in coverage

  ·   Nation's leading seller of short term medical insurance

  ·   Coverage as early as the next day

  ·   Freedom to choose your own doctors and hospitals

  ·   Prescription drug coverage included - no additional fee like some other carriers charge

  ·   $2 million coverage maximum per policy period

  ·   Flexible payment options: single or monthly

  ·   Coverage for persons up to 64 and 11 months - most other carriers only offer coverage up to age 62 or 63

  ·   Obtain insurance for the exact number of days coverage is needed - other carriers require you to obtain pre-set coverage       lengths (i.e., 30, 60, 90 or 120 days)

  ·   12-months extension of benefit - up to 12 months if totally disabled

  ·   Extension of Benefits Plus (60 day/$1000 benefit for non-disabling conditions) - Fortis Health is the only carrier to offer this       benefit

  ·   Satisfaction guaranteed - 10-day free look

  ·   Plans available in 44 states

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A covered illness or injury is an expense that is: 1) incurred for services, treatment or supplies prescribed by a physician; 2) incurred by a covered person as the result of sickness or injury; 3) incurred for medically necessary care; and 4) incurred while this policy is in force.