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More Boomers Retire in Vegas; Private Health Insurers Eye this growing Market

At one time Florida was the retiree capital of the world. There have been recent cost of living increases, especially in terms of finding affordable health insurance in Florida. So now more and more retirees are hearing another beckoning call - to Las Vegas.

Many who choose to retire in Las Vegas are early retirees. These early retirees who do not yet qualify for Medicare benefits are a primary market for short-term private health insurance polices. Even those seniors who have been flocking to the state that already qualify for Medicare, are in the market to purchase supplemental healthcare insurance. With this influx of seniors the healthcare and health insurance market in Vegas is booming with the first wave of boomers.

Knox Associates is one of several Las Vegas Health Insurance companies that has announced its entree into the burgeoning Las Vegas Medicare marketplace. The company expects it will need to hire around 30 new health insurance agents to take care of the new market. It expects to add to the staff health insurance agents that specialize in the needs of seniors and can answer questions regarding Medicare and the often confusing Medicare Advantage low-cost health insurance options.

A spokesman for Knox explained their entry into this lucrative healthcare insurance market as follows There a is an increasing number of baby boomers coming of age for the senior health insurance marketplace. We need to cerate a new divisor to service this population. The health insurance marketplace for seniors is the only one in the medical insurance industry getting ready for intensive expansion. With many of these new and early retirees coming from more traditional work based healthcare insurance coverage, we need to position ourselves to be experts at describing the choices open within the Medicare and Medicare Advantage Plans

Knox Associates is among many health insurance providers in the Las Vegas vicinity that will be gearing up to handle the expanding senior market as Vegas enters Medicare open enrollment for Medicare Advantage and Medicare Part D for 2007

The Open Enrolment start date for the health insurance products is November 15th. Insurance companies will be adding and training qualified health insurance specialists beginning in the first few weeks of October.

Under the open enrolment program health insurance agents will be set up with zip code based appointments in neighborhoods throughout Las Vegas. This way, the health insurance agent will be able to concentrate on specific customers and their unique needs. The health insurers in the state, such as Knox are looking for new hires who can help the senior new to Las Vegas, and probably new to Medicare to understand the various supplemental health insurance products available for their Medicare and affordable health insurance needs.