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Affordable Property and Homeowners Insurance

Home or property insurance is a must, especially if you own, rent or lease a property. More than likely you need both Auto Insurance and Homeowner's Insurance. So why not save money and get them both from the same carrier to be eligible for a discount. You may be able to lower the cost of Homeowner's Insurance by installing dead bolt locks, fire alarms, home security system, buy multiple policies from the same carrier etc... We'll help you find a licensed agent in your state to shop coverage for you and help you choose the right plan

You may think that property insurance or so-called homeowners insurance is just that - only for those that own their own homes. Think again; even renters need to have home insurance to insure their valuables.

There is actually a lot to know about homeowners or property insurance. You need to consider if you need to protect your home meaning the property itself. If so you need to evaluate the cost it would take to rebuild your home should a tragedy occur. Or you may want or need to only protect its contents, your personal effects and valuables. What about liability insurance? What should happen if someone gets hurt in your home or on your property? Depending on where you live you may need to have specialized home insurance products like wind, rain, or flood insurance.

You may have specific question about homeowners insurance for protecting things in your home such as computers, jewelry, art and collectibles, or silverware.

Your home insurance needs will differ depending on your stage of homeownership. Are you already in a home that you own, or shopping to purchase a home? A condo owner’s needs differ from someone who owns a house, as would the home insurance needs of a renter or someone living in a mobile home.

But whether you live in a one-room studio in SoHo, or a palatial estate on SoBe – we have all the home and property insurance options you need.