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Why Disability Insurance? Have you ever wondered what your most valuable asset is? 

While most people insure material properties, like homes, cars and jewelry, many overlook the need to protect the most important thing: their ability to earn an income.

Would you be able to pay your monthly bills and meet your financial obligations, if you were to become disabled for several months or longer?

If the answer is no, then you seriously need to consider Disability Income Insurance Coverage.

Disability Insurance is important

Suffering an unexpected injury is never pleasant, but adding the bills and monthly expenses to the injury can be devastating.Below is a chart of the chances you may become disabled.


Chance of becoming disabled for a period of 3 months or more by age group

Disabled Sign Disability Chart
Source: 1985 Commissioners' Individual Disability Table B

What to look for in a California Disability Insurance policy

Because there are so many different Disability Income Insurance plans in California, it is important that you look for all of the following requirements for the plan you choose:

  •  The definition of disability.
  • Cancelability and renewability of policy.
  • Waiting period before benefits start.
  • Length of time benefits are paid.
  • Cost of living adjustments after a disability occurs.
  • Benefits if you go back to work part-time.

Disability Income Insurance has limitations and exclusions. Email us for complete details of coverage.