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Let Short-Term Health Insurance Fill the ‘Gaps’ in Your Life

Who can benefit from short-term health insurance? The answer is almost anyone … at least at some point in their life. Short-term health insurance is sometimes known as “gap” insurance because it helps to fills in the health insurance gaps that many of us experience throughout life. There are many times that every person may need short-term health insurance to get them through a month or even a whole year, when they may not have any other health insurance.

Short-term health insurance is different from regular health insurance in that many times it does not cover regular health visits and other preventative care, but that also means that you are able to get premiums that are much lower than comprehensive health insurance coverage as well. But, short-term health insurance does cover you when you need it the most, during an injury or unexpected illness. This is often when many people rack up medical bills that drown them in debt, so having a policy in place that will cover these instances is almost crucial.

- If you are in college and are no longer covered by your parents’ health insurance, then short-term health insurance may be a perfect option for you. You probably won’t have to see the doctor often, but will have coverage in the case of an emergency.

Those In-Between Jobs - If you are in-between jobs, chances are you don’t have health insurance unless you have signed up for COBRA benefits, and even those run out after 18 months. Short-term health insurance will be a great choice to get you through this period, until you find another great job with benefits.

Recent Graduates
- You went to college to get a great job, but that dream job may take some time to find; but in the meantime, you will still need health insurance in case of an emergency. To top it off, even if you received coverage from your parents while in college, it will likely run out now. This would be a great time to look into short-term health insurance.

Early Retirees - If you have retired before age 64, then you may not be covered under your ex-employer’s health insurance any longer and you will also be too young to receive Medicare. Short-term health insurance can be a great option to help get you through that period, until you become eligible for Medicare benefits.

New Employees
- Although you may have found a new job, that doesn’t mean that your health insurance benefits will kick in right away. Sometimes an employer wants you to wait 3 or even 6 months before you can begin receiving this important benefits. During this time, short-term health insurance is a perfect way to stay covered, while you wait for your comprehensive benefits to start.

These are just a few of the many times in your life when short-term health insurance may be an appropriate option for you. Keep in mind, however, that 12 months is the longest you can receive a short-term health insurance package without reapplying. If you think that your situation may last longer than 12 months, a private comprehensive health insurance plan may be best. Either way, you can compare prices by visiting insurancebudget.com today!