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Controlling Healthcare Costs

Health Insurance Company Reveals Model Health plan That Can Control Costs

With many companies facing rising costs of employee health benefits, a popular health insurance plan has partnered with healthcare providers to administer a plan that can serve as a model for how health plans in general can work with providers to render quality care while saving money.

The company Gordian Health Solution in Kentucky has combined with that states Jewish Hospital and St Mary’s Healthcare (JHSMH) to devise a health insurance plan for its own employees. Called “Healthy Choice” the plan now in its fourth year has saved the JHSMS system over 2 million dollars in healthcare costs. Gordian is a healthcare insurance provider that works with its clients to identify ways to manage costs and provide employees with more affordable health insurance coverage. A spokesman for the company has said that the health insurance plan has saved each employee on average of close to $400.00 per year on their annual health insurance premiums.

A spokesperson for the hospital system said that as a healthcare provider it is extremely important that they provide their own employees with quality healthcare and affordable health insurance premiums. One of the keys to maintaining low cost health insurance in a healthcare setting is to make sure employees have access to the length and breadth of wellness initiatives available at the facility.  The program also accurately assesses an employee’s risk of certain conditions with an annual Personal Healthcare Analysis.

The program encourages those with the healthcare insurance to actively participate in healthy lifestyles, and in lifestyle education programs. Incentives for participation in wellness programs are offered as part of the health insurance plan. These include programs in weight management, quitting smoking, diabetes and risk factors for cardiovascular disease such as hypertension.

The health insurance program also offers specific disease management programs in the following areas:

By helping employees better manage and avoid these conditions, they are more productive and save the company money by filing fewer actual health insurance claims. According to the health insurance company Gordians, you do not have to be in the healthcare business or a hospital to benefit from such wellness programs. Health insurance companies nationwide can design similar programs for any business.