Health Insurance Provider Expands PPO Network

Well Known Health Insurance Provider Expands PPO Network CorVel Corporation a well-known provider of workman’s compensation insurance and manger of workman’s comp claims has merged with one of the nations largest PPO’s. The merger increases access of CorVel members to a large low cost health insurance provider network. 

The merger with Integrative Health Plans based in St. Petersburg Florida ads over 150,000 new facilities and healthcare providers to the CorVel PPO health insurance plan, the CorCare Preferred Provider Network.

IHP has over 5000 hospitals and more than 630,000 participating physicians in its network nationwide, making it one of the country’s largest PPO’s. IHP has specialized in providing consumers all sorts of health insurance access to affordable medical benefits. IHP manages group healthcare insurance plans for businesses large and small. The PPO also caters to the health insurance needs of individuals and the self-employed.

CorVel has been an industry leader in providing software management tools for the health insurance industry. The company has provided breakthrough solutions in streamlining the processing and reimbursements of Workman’s Compensation claims. States such as Texas, Minnesota and California are using their eBill solutions for processing of workman’s comp insurance claims. The company hopes that the merger with IHP will help it expand its software-processing solutions to other areas of health insurance claims processing.

The health issuance industry and the medical community alike applaud the efforts to automate insurance claim processing and reimbursements. Such efforts reduce waste, increase the efficiency of healthcare delivery. Streamlining claims processing also reduces the costs of healthcare and provides a path towards more affordable healthcare insurance.  CorVel plans to unveil the latest generation of CareMC, its healthcare transaction processing initiative, sometime before the end of the year.