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Health Insurance Information

National Association of Health Underwriters Provides Consumers with Valuable Info on Health Insurance.

Need a good resource on where to go for valuable information regarding affordable health insurance options? Check at the website of the National Association of Health Underwriters. (www.nahu.org).

The National Association of Health Underwriters is a professional association of more than 20,000 health insurance agents, brokers and benefit specialists. The NAHU is dedicated to helping the 47 million Americans currently without health insurance, gain access to affordable medical coverage.

The Association has created a Health Care Coverage Options Database. Through this online tool Americans looking for affordable healthcare insurance can learn more about the various coverage options available. Information about individual private health insurance coverage, and the many public and private programs available to help those who feel they cannot afford medical coverage can be found by accessing the site.

The database is broken up into 4 parts. A section to help employers with questions about obtaining affordable group health insurance for their workers. There business owners and consumers alike will find all they need to know regarding rules and regulations relating to employer based group health insurance plans.

A section dedicated to individuals who are shopping for private health insurance is the next section. In this section everyone from self-employed individuals, to recent grads or early retirees can learn about the affordable health insurance options available to them.

The final two sections are sections designed to help those who need assistance in paying for coverage find what programs may be available to them in their area. These sections contain vital information on the major programs such as Medicaid, the State Children’s Health Insurance Program and the federal Health Care Tax Credit Program, including contact information and where and how to apply. The sections also provide links and quick references for all sorts of valuable resources for help in obtaining low cost medical insurance coverage.