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Vendor Provides Health Insurance to Its Farm Customers

Farmers are a breed of business people that rely on forming good relationships with their vendors. Farmers expect their seed company to give the, good seed, provide advice, and keep them abreast of the newest and best products out there to increase crop yields. What they may not expect is of their seed company to also offer them affordable health insurance. But that is exactly what one company, Becks, based in Atlanta, Indiana is doing.

A spokesman for Patriot Insurance Company said it has entered into a program with Becks where they can offer discount group health insurance rates to members of Becks Presidents Club. The company said they are working with health insurers that are giving them good coverage and good rates. The premiums represent cheaper health insurance plans than farmers would be able to get on their own.

Farmers and their families are traditionally among the groups in the nation that struggle to find affordable health insurance coverage. Many health insurance companies turn a deaf ear to the health insurance needs of farmers. Farming is a dangerous occupation that has many inherent risks for injury. Also farmers tend to be an older population, a fact that also makes them an unattractive demographic to most healthcare insurance plans.  On the other hand farmers trust their seed suppliers, and are excited about affordable health insurance products they can purchase though an entity that they trust.

A spoke person for Becks says many of his President’s Club members who qualify for the affordable health insurance program had health insurance but at much higher rates. This health plan has given them the opportunity to reduce their expenses, and maintain good medical coverage.

We are in a time of many debates in the country about health insurance. Often corporations and health insurance companies are painted as the problem. Yet, here is an example of one company partnering with an insurance company to bring affordable health insurance to an often overlooked population, our nation’s farmers.

The seed company says this is only the beginning. It plans to reach out to other health insurers and be able to provide its customers with dental, vision, and private disability health insurance in the future. In order to qualify for the program and be a Presidents Club Member, farmers must buy 100% of their seed from Becks.