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Implementing a Wellness Program to Promote a Healthy Lifestyle

In today’s fast-paced fast food world, it is hard to find the time to do things the way that we should do them. We try to take shortcuts to make everything quicker, from using a Swiffer instead of a bucket and mop, to shopping online instead of going to a retail location, or even grabbing fast food for dinner instead of making a home cooked meal. Sadly this impatience and need for convenience is putting the health of our nation at risk, as more than 60% of Americans are considered overweight and over 30% are obese. This is leading to considerable health conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes, which is contributing to the rise of our healthcare needs. This means more out-of-pocket medical expenses for both employers and employees.

One solution to this ever-growing problem is to implement a wellness program within your company. Such a program helps to promote good health and can lower total healthcare expenses for you and your employees over time. The long-term value of a wellness program is rapidly being realized in the corporate world, as more and more companies take the leap and implement such a program within their employee base. Some employers have even gone as far as awarding incentives to employees who stay on track and continually maintain and healthy lifestyle.

Believe it or not, some people just don’t realize how badly a poor diet and lack of exercise are affecting their health. For example, even after the much publicized push to reduce the amount of trans fats in fast food, many people still can’t even tell you what trans fats are and why they are so bad for your health. Additionally, many people are inclined to put things off unless they will benefit from it right away. Telling someone that they may develop heart disease in the next 10 years is not enough to motivate them, as they already have more important issues to worry about that are affecting their lives today. Therefore, education on wellness topics, coupled with some type of incentive, is a better way to get your employees to adopt a healthy lifestyle and get their families on board, too.

Implementing a wellness program will not only benefit your employees, but their families will directly benefit as well. Your employees can take the lessons that you teach them home and share them with their children. They will also know how to incorporate healthy meals into their day and make small changes in order to raise their physical activity level. Hopefully these changes will stick and the entire family will be healthier as a result. What’s more is that your employees’ children will likely teach these lessons to their children as well. Imagine, you could enhance the lives of parents and children for generations to come.

Implementing an employee wellness program does not have to be difficult or expensive and you can make the plan as comprehensive as you want. Any step you take to help your employees live healthier lives is better than none at all, and you will be helping to decrease their healthcare expenses at the same time.