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Where can I get Good Information about Affordable Health Insurance?

Today with consumers given more power to take control of their health insurance needs, they often find themselves with more questions than answers.  If you are reading this article on insurancebudget.com, then you already have taken a step in the right direction. Here you can find a wealth of data and the latest news on low-cost and affordable health insurance from around the nation. You can even get a free quote on group or individual health insurance. But this site is far from the consumer’s only resource for health insurance information.

Insurance companies, healthcare facilities, and State and other organization have stepped up to try to provide consumers with answers to their health insurance questions. There is an incredible amount of information regarding medical coverage on the web. Health insurance information about qualifying conditions, availability of low cost healthcare insurance programs in your area and costs of policies are all available. Companies large and small, individual healthcare insurance companies, trade associations, government agencies along with any number of consumer advocacy groups are all using the Internet to provide consumers with good information. Here is just a small fraction of helpful sites were you can learn more about medical insurance and affordable healthcare plans.

A complete list of California’s health insurance plans and comprehensive information on healthcare insurance polices can be located by logging onto the website of the California Dept. of Managed Health Care at www.dmhc.ca.gov. More information can also be discovered at this site www.insurance.ca.gov., which is the URL of  the California Dept. of Insurance.

As an employee with medical coverage, you have specific rights and entitlements as they relate to your health insurance and medical benefits under the COBRA and HIPAA Laws. You can find out detailed information about these laws and what they govern at the Department of Labor’s site(www.dol.gov/ebsa.)

California is one of the 30 some-odd states that do offer High Risk Pool Health Insurance. Though not for everyone, High Risk Heath Insurance may be the only medical insurance available to a number of California residents. For information about the program, who qualifies, and on online application; log on to www.mrmib.ca.gov.

The Foundation for Health Coverage Education is one more beneficial source for unbiased and accurate information pertaining to medical insurance options is The Foundation offers a lot of information on low-cost healthcare insurance and public programs designed to aid health insurance consumers. The Foundation can be reached by dialing toll-free (800) 234-1317, or their aptly named website, coverageforall.org.