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Single Parents Affordable Health Plans

Being a single parent brings with it many challenges, but finding and obtaining health insurance for your child need not be one of them.  A recent study found that 1 out of every five children in a single parent household, goes without health insurance. The same study found that children in two parent households were far more likely to have the ability to purchase private medical insurance.   If you are a single or divorced parent, the easiest way to provide health insurance to your child is to add tem to an existing health insurance policy if you have one from your employer. If you are divorced and you have custody of your child and your employer does not provide you with health insurance, but your spouse does offer such coverage, you child may still be able to be added to that policy. However if you do not have health insurance from your company or if adding your child proves do be too expensive you have another option that you may not even be aware of. Every state in the union has in place a program to provide medical coverage to children of parents who cannot afford to purchase a health insurance plan for them and these programs are expanding. Now in many states a single parent can make as much as 40,000.00 and still qualify to have a free health insurance plan from the state for their children under 18.

These plans that have alternative names depending on the state in which you live, are available even to those with questionable immigration status. They are comprehensive plans that provide for doctors visits, immunizations, hospitalizations, vision, and in some cases dental care for children at little or no cost. Recent incentives and innovative programs being supported by major insurance companies are trying to make these affordable health insurance plans available for the parents of qualifying children as well. Check with your States Department of Insurance or Department of Children and Families, both of which can be accessed from your States Official Website, for programs that are available in your area.

If you do not qualify for these programs there are options to purchase affordable health insurance plans for single parents and their children. The Internet makes it easy today to shop for affordable medical insurance on-line. You can get a free health insurance quote and tailor an individual insurance plan to the specific needs of you and your children.

Single parents must also be very aware of the need to have not only heath insurance for themselves s and their families, but should strongly consider having a Disability Insurance Policy in place. As a single parent you are more than likely also the single income in your family. Should you be injured or become disabled, health insurance will pay for your medical expenses, but what if you cannot return to work? Social Security Disability Insurance will pay for only a small fraction of your monthly expenses. An individual disability insurance policy can help your family survive.