Massachusetts Achieves Goal of Affordable Health Insurance for All Residents

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Massachusetts Achieves Goal of Affordable Health Insurance for All Residents

Massachusetts's plan to provide affordable health insurance to all of its residents has been placed under much scrutiny. Supporters and challengers alike have been taking a "wait and see" attitude, and while most agree that in theory it is a good idea, opponents have insisted it is an impractical plan.

The State has just taken a major step forward toward success of the plan. While the first round of bids from companies who where going to provide coverage to Massachusetts's uninsured and underinsured residents were considerably higher then what they legislators saw as affordable health coverage, new bids from the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority, have advocates of the plan saying "That's more like it."  Under the new bids, as early as July 1st, uninsured Massachusetts's residents will be able to purchase a quality health insurance policy for no more than $175.00 per month.  First term Massachusetts Governor Deval Patrick, says "This is a big improvement from the first round of bids and a big step forward for health care reform, I want to thank our insurance carriers for working with us to develop more affordable plans."

Through the program The Connector Authority who negotiated rates among several agencies in the state will offer a variety of plans for consumers to choose from with premiums that differ based on the details of the plan, the network of providers involved and the level cost sharing. There will also be even lower-priced Young Adults Plans specifically tailored for uninsured individuals between the ages of 19 and 26, but overall under the bid no one should have to pay more than the $175.00 cap. Of the new Bids Leslie Kirwan, Secretary of Administration and Finance and Chair of the Commonwealth Health Insurance Connector Authority had this to say.  "Offering affordable health insurance is critical to expanding coverage and realizing the promise of health care reform, "I am pleased that the Connector and our insurance carriers have risen to the occasion and provided a range of quality health insurance options for individuals throughout Massachusetts." And Speaker of The Massachusetts State House of Representatives, Sal DiMasi had this to add. "Today marks the approach of another milestone on the road to affordable, quality and accessible health care for everyone in Massachusetts. As the historic health reform became law, we knew implementation would require our unwavering commitment and best efforts. I applaud everyone who worked so hard to make today possible. From the outset, the House of Representatives knew that no one will benefit from our hard work if there weren't good options and affordable health insurance products. Today's announcement is a huge step toward making affordable health care a reality for people who really need it."