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Health Insurance Providers for Low Income Earners

Leading Health Insurance Provider Closes Gap For Low Income Wage Earners

A leading provider of low cost health insurance products to employers and retirees, AmWINS Group Benefits, has announced its plans to do something about the growing number of uninsured and underinsured Americans. The company will begin providing a low cost limited medical benefits plan, targeted at low wage earners.

Such limited or so-called mini-med plans, have been a popular low cost health insurance alternative for some time. The plan called HealthWINS is the first such plan specifically targeted at those with low or limited income. The affordable health insurance plan will provide basic health coverage. Including doctors visits, prescriptions, inpatient services and preventive medical care. The plan will also have an option for catastrophic coverage for an additional charge. The company also plans to expand its patient advocacy service which helps low wage earners negotiate for better rates with healthcare providers. In a time where Health insurance companies are much maligned in the debate over the problems with healthcare in the country, the plan shows an Insurance provider that is taking a positive step.

The plan will be made available to brokers and agents with a specific clientele. The plan has been designed for those in the market for Affordable Group Medical Benefits for businesses with a large amount of hourly employees whose wages tend to be lower than salaried employees. Retailers and Restaurants should be particularly interested in the mini-med options as a way to provide some health benefit to their hourly employees.  The HealthWINS plan is also being targeted to fill the health insurance gap for other individuals such as early retirees, or small businesses or trade associations that would like to offer some sort of low cost medical benefit to their membership.

The company says the product is filling an unmet need. What High Deductible Consumer Driven plans accomplish for salaried employees does little to help the hourly employee. Shifting out of pocket costs  for these workers from premium dollars to deductible dollars doesn’t help, if they do not have the dollars. According to the company this is the first low-cost medical insurance plan of its kind specifically targeted at the “Mom and Pops” of the country struggling to provide health insurance to their hourly wage earners. A spokesman for the company said "Our goal  is simple: we want workers to have a health plan that offers real, preventive medical care with affordable deductibles, coverage for expensive emergencies and coupled with an advocacy program for members assistance"