Computer Software Makes Health Insurance Agents More Efficient

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Computer Software Makes Health Insurance Agents More Efficient

Computers and the Internet have made practically every industry more efficient, and health insurance is no exception. The many online health insurance sites have made the task of shopping for affordable health insurance much easier for consumers, who at the click of a mouse can get a free quote for any and all of their medical insurance needs. Computer software and new programs are also being tailor made for the business side of the insurance industry, streamlining many procedures, and making insurance agents more efficient. In an age of rising health insurance costs, it is the medical insurance consumer who ultimately benefits from these tools.

A line of such software is available through the Quotit Corporation. Quotit offers a complete suite of products for the insurance professional or employee heath benefits coordinator that are designed to increase productivity and therefore reduce costs. Tools for family insurance, individual insurance, large and small group health insurance policies are all available. A health insurance agent can even obtain an entire turnkey website, and be up and running, quoting affordable health insurance rates in moments.

Another company that specializes in computer software for health insurance professionals is Norvax. They have just introduced a new version of their insurance management tools BrokerOffice, which are designed to make it easier for agents to track leads and costs. According to a press release just put out by the company, “These enhancements make updating lead information and tracking costs and returns a simpler process for insurance agents.” Organizing leads and following up on prospects can be one of the most time consuming aspects of a health insurance agents job, the upgraded software makes this process easier. All the information is on a single screen, and lead management and editing can be accomplished with simple point and click. The company has also added to the tool a new "Cost Per Sale" report feature which allows health insurance agents to automatically track their conversion ratio and cost per sale for every lead source.

Many experts have said we are on the verge of a fundamental shift in the insurance industry to a consumer driven marketplace. It is hoped that such a model will stimulate competition, reducing rates and make health insurance coverage more affordable. As we enter an age of greater consumer participation in health insurance decisions, online marketing tools such as these become critically important. Only with tools that make their jobs easier, more efficient, and more productive, will health insurance agents be able to keep up with the growing demands of the public.