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Is there Really Such a Thing as Cheap Medical insurance?

Big Foot, The Loch Ness Monster, UFO’s and cheap health insurance – are they all myths? Or just extremely difficult to find?

All kidding aside, cheap medical insurance does exist, and you do not have to be a jungle explorer to find it, you just need to do a little home work. But first let's define “cheap”. To most and in many fields “cheap” connotes not only low cost but “inferior” quality. This can be the case when it comes to low cost medical insurance. There is some truth to the “you get what you pay for” philosophy, and certainly if you can afford top dollar you will get the best medical coverage. However low cost medical insurance does not necessarily mean inferior coverage. When it comes to finding low cost medical insurance it is less about how much coverage can you afford, than it is about “how much coverage do you need”. The mistake most consumers make when looking for affordable medical insurance is paying for coverage they do not really want or really need.

If you really want to get cheap health insurance that is right for you, get a free quote from a qualified insurance professional who can carefully evaluate your health insurance needs, and peruse the market for the best and yes “cheapest” health insurance policy that meets your needs.

But even if you are shopping on your own for cheap health insurance, just going with the lowest price you can find, even if you know exactly what you need, may not be the best strategy. When buying health insurance your goal is to save money of course, but just having the lowest premium is meaningless if you have gotten it from a less than reputable or not financially secure firm. Health Insurance fraud is very real, and research shows it is on the rise. You can find other articles on this site that relate the horror stories of people that were sending money to what they thought were legitimate health insurance companies, only to find they had no coverage when they were sick.

While that may be rare, it does happen, and besides from blatant fraud, you may get a very low health insurance price quote from a company that is not really financially sound and able to pay off your claim should a serious illness or injury occur, which after all is the promise of health insurance and what you are purchasing it for in the first place.

You can check a particular insurance company offering you a cheap health insurance policy by logging on to the website of http://www.ambest.com. The Better Business Bureau is also a valuable resource to check out any insurer.