Globe Trotting Retirees Need to Think About Travel Insurance

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Travel Health Insurance for Retirees

The "Golden Years" have come at last, and you and your spouse are about to embark on that around the world cruise, or other great travel experience you always dreamed about. But what many seniors fail to realize is that Medicare benefits do not travel with them outside of the country. If you are planning on spending a good portion of your retirement traveling it is important that you understand the limits of your health insurance before you run into problems overseas.

Insurance and travel experts agree that it is best when planning a trip to purchase affordable heath insurance for travel from a third party such as an insurance company, rather than purchasing health insurance that may be offered through the cruise line or tour company you may be traveling with. You can obtain a free quote on cheap health insurance for travel online. There are several advantages to purchasing an inexpensive short or even annual health insurance policy for travel from a third party. One, cruise lines and travel companies usually have tough restrictions as regards to traveling with a pre-existing condition - often a concern among seniors. Secondly, Third Party health insurance will always pay you the traveler directly for any medical claim, coverage purchased though the travel company may not. And finally, travel health insurance purchased through the travel company may simply offer the traveler a credit for another trip or cruise in the event that your vacation is cut short due to illness or injury, while an affordable healthcare policy from an independent company will provide cash back.

Traveling in retirement is exciting, it is something that many Americans work all of their lives for - but there is no reason to make it any more adventurous by not taking the best health insurance along with you. And while most travel insurance is a relatively inexpensive way to gain some peace of mind, it is important that you get what you pay for, know what your needs are, and shop around for the best health insurance that is right for your needs and your budget.

On the flip side of affordable health coverage for travel, many insurance companies are now actually paying for treatments overseas. And if you have limited health coverage you can save considerable money by having high cost medical procedures done in foreign countries. Recent studies have found that as many people as were once flocking to places like India and Mexico for cheaper Cosmetic procedures are now trekking overseas for High Ticket procedures like knee and hip replacements. Some companies actually offer "rejuvenation vacations" that combine medical treatments in qualified foreign facilities with recuperation in a tropical spa, or exotic experiences like a South African Safari. This so-called "Medical Tourism" promises to be a booming business over the next ten years as more and more baby boomers reach retirement age. So don't be surprised if in the near future your next prescription or claim filed with your medical insurance company comes back with a pair of airline tickets.