Many Middle Income Families Still Lack Medical Insurance

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Many Middle Income Families Still Lack Medical Insurance

Despite the smallest increases in premiums since 1999 and more affordable healthcare options, over 40 % of middle-income families those making between 20,000 - 40,000 lack health insurance. This represents close to double the amount of those without affordable healthcare insurance since 2001.

Those conducting the annual survey say these figures are indicative of the growing trend away form an employer healthcare insurance. The survey found that an alarming 67% of those in survey who reported not having insurance had at least one family member working full time. Middle-income families without healthcare insurance will most likely forego doctors' visits, healthcare screenings, or even taking medications to save money - a big mistake according to experts. Instead if they did these very things to stay healthy they could likely reduce their overall health expenses and be able to purchase affordable healthcare insurance. Anyone with access to a computer can obtain a free quote for health insurance and many of these working families may be surprised at how affordable healthcare insurance can be.

Still if there is a health insurance crisis in America it mostly affects this group who make too much to qualify for Medicaid, but not enough to purchase medical coverage. However Government officials and insurance industry professionals are making a concerted effort to close this gap, and there are currently many more options available for affordable healthcare insurance then there once were. It is possible for a family of four in basically good health to obtain healthcare insurance (albeit with a 5000.00 deductible) for less than 300.00 month. At the very least even families of modest income should be able to find affordable healthcare insurance that will at the bare minimum provide coverage for catastrophic illness and or injuries and prevent the very real possibilities of medical bankruptcies.

When it comes to purchasing any kind of affordable healthcare insurance experts and financial professional agree, "Any coverage is better than not having coverage". But as with any purchase it is important to know what you are buying. Because of the desperate state of some people in the market for affordable healthcare insurance fraud is on the rise. Make sure any company you are dealing with is actually licensed to sell insurance in your state, and make sure you fully understand the policy limitations of any affordable healthcare insurance you buy - a recent article in the Wall Street Journal warned consumers to be careful about extremely attractive and low cost insurance plans that cost as little as 10.00 week, but limited coverage to only $1000.00